Essential oils for every summer holiday situation

Summer brings fresh sea and cottage saunas, and hopefully meetings with friends and relatives. Light nights, mosquitoes and ticks too. Essential oils are a natural way to repel unwanted insects and provide joy, relief, remedies and relaxation for all summer moments.

Ideas for the use of essential oils:

  • For a natural and chemical-free tick and mosquito repellent, mix half a decilitre of water, 10 drops of lavender, 10 drops of lemon, 10 drops of eucalyptus and 5 drops of tea tree in a small spray bottle. Spray the mixture on clothes, not directly on the skin. You can also spray bedding and shoes – anything that ticks like to climb on, but where you hope they will stay away. Take the spray with you on a hike in the woods and spray it evenly on the trouser legs and cuffs. Essential oils are also good for your mood, but ticks and mosquitoes avoid them.
  • Lavender helps with difficulty falling asleep and light nights. Lavender has been used for hundreds of years to calm the mind. Drop lavender directly onto an aroma stone and keep the stone on the bedside table. Lavender is also a lovely summer scent: a drop on a hair tie or a shirt’s size tag provides a lovely perfume scent for the whole day – without chemicals.
  • One of the most relaxing moments of summer is of course the sauna. Add a few drops of eucalyptus essential oil, which triggers muscle tension, to the boiling water and throw it on the stove. The eucalyptus smells wonderful for the duration of the sauna session, but not so for the next one. Eucalyptus relaxes the body and relieves the stressed mind.
  • Lemon essential oil is the cottage cleaner’s best helper. Natural and refreshing lemon oil is ideal for cleaning cottage, boat and home surfaces. Add a few drops of fairy liquid, 10 drops of lemon essential oil, 0.5 dl of spirit vinegar and 4 dl of water to a spray bottle. Spray and wipe – the natural and biodegradable detergent can also be used to clean patio furniture and even the trampoline. Spraying and washing with a hose is safe to do after spraying, as the cleaning spray ingredients are biodegradable.

  • Tea tree essential oil is a handy and effective remedy for all minor wounds and sores, warts, blisters, cold sores and pimples. Dampen the end of a cotton swab in a bottle of tea tree oil and apply to the problem area. Tea tree oil is one of the few essential oils that can be used directly on the skin.

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Have a wonderful start to the summer!

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