Using laundry vinegar – How, why and when?

Laundry vinegar has recently gained new popularity. But vinegar has been part of people’s everyday lives for thousands of years. It has been used for preserving and seasoning food, as a medicinal substance and for household cleaning, among other things.

Diluted in water and scented with essential oils, vinegar is an ideal laundry rinse aid. The most natural and environmentally friendly laundry vinegar is the one made with organic spirit vinegar and only natural essential oils. When choosing a fabric softener, it’s worth paying attention to what the product contains. Laundry vinegar made from spirit vinegar is a natural alternative, unlike the acetic acid-based product made from petroleum. Inexpensive laundry vinegars in supermarkets are usually acetic acid-based and diluted in water, and scented with artificial fragrances. Natural laundry vinegar that lives up to the expectations placed on it is always spirit-based and scented only with natural essential oils. Although acetic acid-based laundry vinegars may seem cheap, their effectiveness is quite different from that of neutralising real vinegar. Genuine laundry vinegar is a chemical-free alternative and does not pollute the environment.

Why use laundry vinegar?

There are many good reasons for this. For Sees, the main reasons are the ecology and the benefits of laundry vinegar for textiles. Vinegar freshens clothes by neutralising unpleasant odours, rather than masking them with chemicals like traditional fabric softeners do. Vinegar can also be used to remove bad odours from sportswear, which can stick to the garment after just a few uses, even if it has been washed in a washing machine.

Vinegar brightens the colours of clothes and prolongs their life. Vinegar works by sealing the fibres of the textile and preventing dirt and dust from sticking. Vinegar does for textiles what a mangle does: it closes the fluffy textile fibres together, making it harder for dust and dirt to stick to the textile. For other household textiles, the benefits of vinegar are also manifold: sheets stay tighter for longer and towels retain their absorbency, as vinegar does not clog the fibres of the textile and create a chemical film on its surface. Vinegar also removes the electricity from clothes, which is often increased, especially when using a tumble dryer.

Laundry vinegar made with spirit vinegar is biodegradable and does not pollute the environment. In addition, laundry vinegar scented with essential oils is a chemical-free alternative for laundry. Laundry vinegar cleans the detergent residue from your washing machine and leaves it smelling fresh even after washing.

How is laundry vinegar used? In which compartment do you put the laundry vinegar?

Use laundry vinegar like a fabric softener. Put 2-3 capfuls directly in the rinse aid compartment of your washing machine, in addition to the regular detergent. Scented straight from the bottle, the product smells strong: both vinegar and perfume. However, the vinegar evaporates completely from the garment as it dries. All that remains is a fresh fragrance, which in Sees products is always derived only and exclusively from genuine and pure essential oils, and never from artificial fragrances.

So laundry vinegar made from organic spirit vinegar is an environmentally friendly option in many ways:

  • manufacturing from renewable resources
  • the product degrades in nature
  • prolongs the life of textiles
  • cleans the washing machine.

Where can I buy laundry vinegar?

The popularity of laundry vinegar is growing all the time. Products are increasingly available in supermarkets and from specialised online stores, such as Sees. However, the quality and content of the products on the market vary widely.

Sees laundry vinegars are domestic, handmade fabric softeners for laundry and white linen, made from the best possible ingredients. The products do not contain any unnecessary artificial fragrances, colourants or preservatives. Sees laundry vinegars are made in Finland from biodegradable and vegan raw materials. The smell of vinegar evaporates from washed textiles, leaving only a fresh, clean scent. The essential oils used in the products, extracted and distilled from real plants, make the laundry vinegars unique: when washing, the mind is refreshed and relaxed. The fragrance of essential oils permeates your home and makes everyday chores, such as laundry, meaningful and light-hearted.

Sees laundry vinegar: the best, cleanest and highest quality

The result of a long period of product development and market research was Sees. A Finnish brand that honours Finnish work, is ethical and values quality. All our products are made from the best possible raw materials in the most ethically sustainable way possible. What this means in practice is that we are reportedly the only company to have launched a laundry vinegar made with organic quality spirits vinegar and not diluted with water. In addition, no Sees product is scented with any artificial fragrance, and no preservatives or dyes are used in any of our products. All our products are vegan and have not been tested on animals.

Find out more about Sees laundry vinegars here.

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