The use of essential oils and their effects

The use of essential oils as a source of physical and mental well-being has been known for centuries. Essential oils are pure natural oils collected from a part of a plant species. True essential oils are obtained by steam distillation of the flower, fruit, seeds, leaves, resin or roots of a plant. Real essential oils have no chemical fillers and nothing has been removed from them. Essential oils have been used around the world for thousands of years to treat the body and mind, and to bring fragrance.

Essential oils can be used to add fragrance, but the properties of oils do much more for the body. Some oils refresh the mind, others calm it. Some essential oils are linked to digestion or metabolism. Essential oils also relax, relieve stress, help you concentrate and fall asleep.

Essential oil uses

Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils in the natural treatment of diseases and in the maintenance and promotion of well-being and health. Essential oils are used in aromatherapy for various purposes. Essential oils activate emotional balance and harmony, and activate the body. In therapeutic aromatherapy, the oils are used externally in massage, baths, soaks or steam inhalation.

In aromatherapy massage, essential oils are diluted in a base oil, such as grapeseed oil in SEES skin oils. Essential oils are not soluble in water, but they mix well with plant-based oils and alcohol. Essential oils are not very oily, but rather light in texture and evaporate quickly. Essential oils work on the mind and body in many different ways, unlike artificial and chemical fragrances that only smell good.

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Safe use

Essential oils as such are toxic and should not be consumed internally. Essential oils should be kept out of the reach of children and dosage instructions should always be observed. Avoid getting essential oils in the eyes. Most essential oils should not be used undiluted on the skin. Note this also in bath water, for example: the oil does not dissolve in water, so it can come in contact with the skin directly if it remains on the surface. The essential oil is always mixed first with a base oil (e.g. SEES unscented grapeseed oil) and then applied to the bath or skin. Essential oils are not recommended for children, nor is their extensive use recommended for pregnant women.

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