Lapuan Kankurit and SEES collaborate to bring Sustainable Business Gifts

Lapuan Kankurit and SEES share the same values: responsible, Finnish, and traceable production, as well as eco-friendly raw materials. This year, they are collaboratively wrapping gift packages containing domestically sourced, beautiful, and sustainably produced items.

“We want to offer delightful well-being products made from eco-friendly raw materials, everyday luxury for relaxing bath and sauna moments. Pre-packaged gifts are a convenient solution for businesses, and at the same time, one can be sure they are supporting domestic work,” summarizes Jaana Hjelt of Lapuan Kankurit regarding the collaboration..

“The contents of a gift also reflect its giver. Hopefully, sustainably produced domestic corporate gifts will be the starting point for many companies this year as well. This collaboration is natural for us because values and transparency are ingrained in the DNA of both companies,” says Elisa Koivumaa, CEO of SEES.

The product packages suitable for sauna and bath moments are assembled into three different pre-packaged gift boxes. Each package, produced responsibly from start to finish, contains a linen towel from Lapuan Kankurit and a bio-degradable, all-natural cosmetic product from SEES.

Pre-Packaged Corporate Gift Ideas:

Hand Towel and Hand Soap Package

MEDIUM: Bath Towel, Hand Soap, and Hand and Body Lotion

LARGRE: Jumbo Towel, Hand Soap, Hand and Body Lotion, and Body wash

More info and prices:

kotimainen suomalainen vastuullinen liikelahja pyyhe saippua sees lapuan kankurit

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