Nature, quality and design

SEES Company’s story began in 2019 when I realised that I was in seek of a domestic option for the home cleaning and natural cosmetics markets, combining these three factors: nature-friendliness, high quality of raw ingredients and a Finnish design. There were beautiful products on the market but they did not withstand the products’ origin traceability, and then there were natural and pure products which had not utilised the strong Finnish design skills. My aim was to create an uncompromising domestic brand which does not make any shortcuts. Every stage of production has been defined by ethicalness, quality and the willingness to produce the best. This resulted in a product family, which offers pleasurable moments in the everyday life of Finns in terms of both its environmental friendliness and aesthetics.

Sees laundry vinegars and textile sprays, which are produced in Finland, create an atmosphere and refresh the home. Laundry vinegar, used in place of a softener, refreshes laundry, protects the textile fibres and leaves a pleasant scent. Textile sprays refresh the car, furniture, sports equipment, shoes and pet odours without chemicals. Essential oils add their touch to everyday serene moments with their delicate fragrances. Natural skin oils soften and nourish dry skin – naturally and purely.

Only genuine and without unnecessary chemicals – the best for all senses

All SEES products are combined by the luxurious world of fragrance provided by the 100% genuine essential oils. The starting point in the creation of the product range was that they do not contain any artificial ingredient and they have a low chemical content. Following long-term product development and getting to know the world of essential oils, the best combinations were selected for the products: ones that also genuinely benefit the mind. Essential oils calm, relax, invigorate and provide strength to carry out everyday chores as well as joy. All our products are vegan and they do not contain animal-based or gene-modified substances, mineral oils, silicates, artificial colourants or fragrances. The products have been manufactured without animal testing.

Equally as important as the origin of the products’ raw ingredients and their best possible quality has also been the aesthetics. Finnish design skills are the best in the world and they deserve to be encountered even when carrying out everyday things, such as washing the laundry or cleaning. Beautiful and serene products which please all senses while carrying out chores.

Daily routines have been ingrained in us like steps that have been repeated for years. They are actions that untangle everyday knots and make life flow easier.  SEES helps you make everyday moments special and beautiful: such that create pleasant everyday memories for years ahead. However, nothing is created by itself. SEES’ world and products are the result of hard work and there are many to be thanked for this. SEES’ visual world has been created by graphic designer Päivi Häikiö, the illustrations were created by illustrator Maria Sann and photographer Riikka Kälkäjä is behind the photographs. In the background, there has been a vast group of Finnish professionals from different sectors and each one of them deserves gratitude. Without you this story would never have begun.

Welcome to the world of SEES and being in harmony with everyday life.

Elisa Koivumaa

Founder of SEES Company

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