biohajoava SEES pyykkietikka raikas mänty ja appelsiini eteeriset öljyt. Biodegradable laundry vinegar pine and orange essential oil.
SEES pyykkietikka laundry vinegar natural fabric softener pine
ランドリービネガー SEES
Pyykkietikka mänty & appelsiini biohajoava Sees company
SEES pyykkietikka laundry vinegar natural fabric softener pine
ランドリービネガー SEES
Pyykkietikka mänty & appelsiini biohajoava Sees company

Laundry vinegar set x 2


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  • SEES laundry vinegar is a high-quality softener made of natural raw ingredients for coloured and white laundry. Finnish white vinegar without any added water is used as the base substance. For this reason, just 2-3 caps of laundry vinegar is a sufficient dose. Biodegradable laundry vinegar is a natural option for replacing artificial softeners which contain chemicals.

    Laundry vinegar No. 3 pine & orange cares for the textile and relaxes the mind with its scent. Laundry vinegar increases the life of garments, removes staticness and keeps the colours bright. The top notes of the laundry vinegar are fresh pine mixed with sweet and citric orange essential oil. Orange essential oil has an uplifting effect on the mood and relieves restlessness. Pine essential oil empowers the mind and opens airways. In addition, the fragrance mixture is supplemented with palmarosa essential oil, which is known to be antiseptic and cleansing.


    Laundry vinegar seals textile fibres and thus prevents dirt and dust from adhering. Unlike traditional softeners, laundry vinegar does not cover unpleasant odours, instead it neutralises them. For this reason, laundry vinegar is an excellent aid in washing sports clothing too. It effectively removes musty odours, such as sweat, tobacco and mould odours. Laundry vinegar doesn’t block the textile’s fibres, which means that towels retain their absorption capacity. The vinegar scent dissipates once the textile dries and leaves just a pure and mild scent of essential oils. SEES laundry vinegars cause less load for nature and they are a conscious consumer’s choice. Using laundry vinegar cleans any laundry detergent residues from the washing machine and keeps the machine clean with a fresh scent.

  • Size: 500 ml

  • Manufacturing country: Finland

  • World of fragrance: Refreshing
    Pine, orange and palmarosa essential oils

  • How to use: Shake before each use. Instead of using softener, add 2-3 caps of laundry vinegar in the softener compartment of the washing machine. For sports clothing and ingrained odours, mix 1 dl of laundry vinegar with 5 litres of water. Soak the textile in the mixture for 15-30 minutes and wring out the excess water. Do not rinse, instead wash the textile in the washing machine as normal.

  • YES: Domestic, vegan, biodegradable, natural, environment-friendly, cruelty-free, plant-based.

  • NO: Artificial fragrances, colourants or preservatives, optical brighteners, chlorine, animal testing, added water.

  • Ingredients: White vinegar (acetic acid 9 – < 10 %), Pinus sylvestris, Citrus sinensis, Cympopogon martini.

  • Recycling: The bottle is made of recycled plastic. Once the product has been used, please recycle the product as  plastic waste.

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